Why are your competitors doing better?

To get your business to the customer, you have to advertise. Effectively adverting is therefore important no matter the advertisement platform being used.

So, are you competitors doing better than you? Making more and more sales while yours seem to be decreasing? Does your competitor seem to be literally stealing your customers? Well, it is not black magic, but you right in that it is magic. There are several reasons why your competitor is ahead in the games and so they are doing better.


One, are you using out dated and ineffective strategies? This is the 21st century my friend and it is not just business as using in the advertising sector.

The traditional methods of advertising have been replacing by conventional ones and believe you me; these conventional strategies are simply magic. The internet is the mostly used platform today. Traditionally, some of the platforms used including posters, newspaper, radio audio adverts and magazine printouts, and televisions. Even though some are still used, the internet has substituted the majorities of these.

Two, if you are using the internet, there is the possibilities that you are doing it wrong. To beat your competitors, you needed to have your website rank higher than that of your competitors. This means, when customers search on their browsers, your sites should be higher than those of your competitors and be among the first ten of the search results. This way, the chances of your site being clicking on are higher. To achieve this, you needed to have your site optimized to meet the SEO requirements set by search engines. These might be complicated to understand and apply so; you will need the services of SEO experts to get your site rank high.

Three, if you have all the above, then it is most likely that you are fishing on the wrong places. It would mean, while you are fishing in the stream, your competitors are fishing in the ocean. What this means is that, you have to target ting sites that have high traffics. One of the places to target is social media platforms. Social media have high number of users and it is highly likely that, you will be able to fish some customers from these. Note: the number of customer you will get from any source will be directly related to the traffic of the source.

Four, how is your website designed? This is an important question if your competitors are beating you despite having adopted the above stating strategy. Most web creation tools are designed to create sites accessible through PCs. However, the majority of internet users use their tablets and Smartphone’s and other mobile devices. These devices are able to access sites hosted on the web 2.0 platform therefore, to reach many mobile internet users, your website needs to be mobile friendly.

Five, you need to have an interactive relationship with your customers. Today, customers what to feel that, business they acquired supply from acknowledge them individually. Through blogs and social media, this is possible.So; make sure you respond to customer in a timely and satisfactory manner.

In summary, all you need is to adopt the new advertisement methods, if you have troubleshoot and lastly, appreciate every customer you have and you will give your competitors sleepless nights.

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