What is Google AdSense and How to Make Money with It?

There are more ways to monetize in your website traffic, and most of think are related to advertising third-party services or products to your website visitors. There are many advertising programs that can be helping you with earning money nowadays, but the most popular is Google AdSense.

The advertising program was launched in mid2003 by Google and is currently the most popular advertising programs on the Internet. It provides a good opportunity for site owners and webmasters to monetize their traffic – every year, Google pays over $10 billion to its publishers. If you have asked yourself, ‘What is AdSense, and how do I make money with AdSense?’ the following article will give you some good hints.

Google AdSense
Google AdSense

There are more ways to discover the most profitable topics:

Some basic rules from my experience for Google AdSense:

  • Use formats those advertisers using the most: 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600. Will getting you good diversity of ads coming in
  • The larger the ad unit the better (as long as it does not kill the user experience)
  • This might sound “greedy” but if your pages are long enough don’t be afraid to use the maximum allowed units on a page (3 Adsense for content, 2 link units).
  • Merge the ad units in your content wherever applicable. I see a lot of webmasters just putting the ad unit in a “dedicated” to location and will not goes to any further. Instead, uses them on natural breaks and divisions in your pages.
  • I have not used this as much but place units in the shape of an “F” on the page (if the language is English). Research is showing visual hot spots lie in this pattern.
  • Make use of ad units closing to the navigation, above/below video embeds and in forum posts.
  • Go for contrast on dark backgrounds on your ad units; go for colors that blend with lighter backgrounds.
  • Analyzed hot click areas on your place and pages a single ad in the proximity. Don’t stack ads on top of another, which might just hurt conversions.
  • Very important: Whenever possible, keep changes to an ad unit location every month. Loyal users are very better at filter rate out of the ad units after a while and you needed to keep mixing it up by changing units around and experimenting with borders/colours.

Having said that, do listen to your customers. If they start leaving your site because of irrelevant and obtrusive ads, cut down.


Brief in summarizing, you can make pretty good money with Google AdSense, but it is not a program where you can get a rich quickly. There are some common-sense rules to follow that will be helping you lay the groundwork for high and stable earnings:

1. Lovely the topic you are writing on about and know a lot about it.

2. As well as produce the unique and relevant quality content, do it on a regular basis to make Google aware that your website is being updated constantly with fresh information.

3. This Think is very important; do not try to cheating on Google with any kind of “artificial” clicks.

4. Do some research to finding the most profitable niches in terms of CPC and search demand. Build your content plan according to these insights.

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