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  Top 20 Video Submission Sites

“You can get quality Backlinks through Video Optimization by submitting Videos in best Submission Sites.”

 You have got produced a brilliant and fantastic video on your business.  You have embedded it in the best vicinity on your internet site and are sharing through your advertising and marketing channel.  Now, you must be the place that videos everywhere in the net to get the most eyes on it that you can.


In this Era modern of technology, reading habits are not the trend anymore, these days people prefer images and videos instead of boring content. So, we can saying that Video Promotion/Optimization will be very beneficial, but you must submit the link to only Top Sites otherwise you can do harm to your video’s ranking. The Sites we provide Video Optimization bring positive results to your Brand. Get the audience via video Optimization and gain more benefits to your business through Videos.

First of all, you will need an account. Second, you need to Set Title, Description Tags, Sharing Options, while submitting a video. There are a number of sites where you can submit Videos for promotion such as YouTube, Vimax, and Daily Motion, Funny or Die and so on. Here, we provide all these types of Quality Websites.

How to Post a Video!

Now, submit videos in just a few steps.

  • First, all of you, Search for the Best and Free Video Submission Sites List and check out every sites term and condition. Each site can have different Terms and Condition.
  • Then After Understand the rules of websites, the second step is registration. Make an Account on Video Submission Sites Website.
  • After register or sign up an account, upload your videos using upload button, add relevant Titles, Description and Tags with the video.
  • Here is a maximum up to date list of the top web sites you must add to. Video submission is the handiest way of selling your services and products. We provide the best collection of Top 20 Video Submission Sites.

How To Properly Add A Video For Submission:

The following steps are to consider when submit the videos for search engine optimization

Content Quality:

Your videos must be informative and relevant to your site content. Do not the produce generic videos that are not relevant to in your brand or service.


Keep your video at 5 minutes or less so as not to bore or overwhelm your viewers. Short and straight to the point videos of even less than a minute do very well. Viewers are more likely to be curious to find out more thereby clicking your site’s link.


Create a catchy title. Use a keyword analysis to find out which keyword work best for your content and include one or more of those words in the titling.


Including the links that direct viewers to related topics on your website. YouTube or Vimeo etc often help creators connect their video account to their actual website which increases views as well.


Optimize your video with necessary tags. Make a sure to include words that redirect to your site. For example, your site name and taglines should be in your video tags.


The description box must fill in your brief summaries of the video’s content with relevant keywords. A description that is rich in keywords would allow to the search engine to index and rank it higher.

Branding and Structuring:

Include your logos, intro, and taglines in your videos. This would help build your brand and structure your content.


Syndicate in your videos by submitting them to High RSS feed to gain a wider reach and audience.

Share on Social Media:


After uploading the videos, do not forget to share them on all your social media accounts.  You can also share on your blogs to maximize the reach.

Find “High page rank video submission sites” and upload your content. Make sure to read the upload direction on your preferred site. Make sure you are not infringing on any copyrighted materials. Convert your video to high quality, acceptable format before uploading. Videos with keywords, descriptions, and texts tend to perform betters. Also transcribed videos do better on YouTube SEO. Make sure your videos direct people to your site in other to push traffic.

In conclusion, video submission sites are the most effective way increase site traffic and improve online presence.

Many of you may wonder how your competitors stay relevant with high Google rankings.  The answer is Video Submission!

So if you’re trying to gain SEO advantage you might want to consider the methods highlighted above. Go ahead and choose in your preferred submissions platform and begining the journey to better search rankings.

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