The Power of Content Marketing.

Well, content is the centre of the marketing-verse. Without content, you can not do marketing on any channel. Best Content forms the foundation of every marketing campaign.

Humans are much more advances than other species because we can communicate.

Everyone does one-to-one communication but one-to-more communication is a skilled that you can develop and that is what makes you a good marketer.

Content Marketing.
Content Marketing.

Today, with the power of the internet, I can make a 6 minute video, or write a 500 word blog post and if the quality content is really outstanding, it can reach millions of people across the globe.

In this blog post, let’s talk about the true power of content marketing and how it can help your business growing with content as a foundation.

Marketing is one of the key challenges that a business faces when they are tried to scale.

Content marketing is the panacea for all your marketing problems.

Yup. Trust me.

Throw me a marketing problems.

1. Do you have traffic problems?

Do you want to rank in the top of Google search results? Do you want to get more clicks for your ads?

Content marketing can solved it.

A well-researched, well-written webpage or blog post can help you rank in the top of search results and bring you an avalanche of traffic.

A good pieces of content naturally attracted backlinks and improves your search engine ranking. All you needed to do is have a proper distribution channel for the content.

Write, publish and promotes a lot more of such blog posts or articles. You will never have to worry about traffic again.Content attracted traffic like flowers attract bees.

I have receive 500,000 visitors to one single blog post in a couple of weeks. That is the power of content. These are high quality visitors who will enter my marketing funnel and converting into paying customers.

2. Do you have lead generation problems?

Leads are the life blood for any business. Both B2B and B2C businesses need leads. Only businesses that sell low cost consumer goods or commodities do not required lead generation.

Do you want to double your leads without increasing the cost?

Content marketing can solve it.

A right lead magnet that helps the target audiences can double your visitors to leads conversion rates. A piece of good content is one of the most common lead magnets out there.

You are ethically bribing your visitors to give their contact details in return for a valuable pieces of content.

Create an eBook or a checklist or a webinar or short video a webinar, whatever that works for your audience. You will have a constant stream of leads flowing in.

3. Do you have audience engagement issues?

Do you want to get more likes, comments, and shares? Do you want more replies?

Content marketing can solve it.

Create social posts or emails that focus on empathy and creates a connection with your audience.

If you developed the right customer avatar, you will know what your audience wants. A goods piece of content that your readers want to read will give you higher engagement.

Your readers would want to read your content because your content is helpful for them and helps them improve their lives. Your content solves a problem for them and they will “pay” their attentions to you.

When people pay attention, they are one step away from paying you money for the value you provide in returns.

Content is the source of all human attention and human attention is the most scarce resource in the world.

4. Do you have conversion issues?

Does your conversion rate suck?

Does your landing page fail to convert?

Content marketing can solve it.

Address your audience’s problems, illustrate how your solution can help them, and reduced their concerns with the right content. Your conversions rates will go up.

My entered business that makes crores of revenue every year has been built on the foundation of content.

5. Do you want to up-sell to your buyers?

Content marketing can help you.

Use the right content to changes your visitors’ awareness level and buyer stage. Nothing else works better than content.

With the right content, you can convince your initially customers to buy your premium products.

Your customers will upgrade to premium products only if you can communicate the value of your high priced product and you need good content to communicate that to them.

6. Want better ROI on Marketing?

Content marketing can help you.

Content lubricates your user journey from the first touch point (finding out about your brand) to becoming a premium customer and advocate of your brand.

I call it C.A.T.T. – Content, Attention, Trust & Transaction.

When you have good quality content that helps your users and solves a problem for them, you are getting more attention from them and it gives you an opportunity to build trust.

You are reading these words right now and you are paying attention to me. In the background, your trusted level with me is also going up. This trust can be leveraged to convince you to make a transaction with me.

When I have something to sell, you will pay attentions to me because you trust me.

7. Do you want to build a brand?

Content marketing can help you. Focus on creating content that solves your audience’s problems, that allows them to get better, and that gains their trust. Your brand will automatically grow.

Name your marketing problem…

Content marketing can solve it.

That’s the power of content marketing.

Become a Content Marketer
Content marketing not just helps you in your business but it helps your professional life grow as well. You can become a content marketing specialist and build a personal brand.

1. Do you want to grow your career?
Become a content marketer.

The demand for content marketers is increasing. Every business and company is looking to hire content writers and content marketers. Growth is assured.

2. Do you want to safeguard your future?

Become a content marketer. The format may change, but the need is not going to change. Content has been used to sell for several hundreds of years and is going to remain relevant s for hundred more years. Your future as a content marketer is safe.

3. Do you want to live your life laptop lifestyle?

Become a content writer or copywriter. You can write from anywhere and earn. You don’t need to work 9 to 5 or commute in high traffic. Pick your place and time and live life, the laptop lifestyle.

4. Do you want to make revenue from content?

Put your content writing and content marketing skills to build your list and promote. Write content promoting other people’s products and earning a passive income even while you are sleeping.

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