Ten Tips to Get More Tiktok Fans

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks of the moment, with an app available for Android and iPhone (iOS).The video and voiceover app was the fourth most downloaded in the second quarter of 2019, rising to 1 billion downloads. Therefore, getting fans and followers in the app may be increasingly important to achieve success as a digital influencer.

Tiktok Fans
Tiktok Fans

If you want to tread the path to being an influence, the tips below on how to increase your popularities on Tiktok Fans will help. Follow these 10 steps and, with patience, wait for your numbers on the platform to increase.

  1. Post original content

Posting original content is the golden rules to get followers on any platform and in TikTok would be no different. Creating the same videos as everyone else is doing is the shortest way for you to get lost in the crowding. To stand out, you need to innovate in some way.

As TikTok is full of music dubbing clips, getting away from this formatting can be a way out. Tutorials or demonstrations of skills with makeup, sketches of humor,creation of drawings and other content that show a special talent are some possibilities to try to stand out in the social network suggesting relive

  1. Publish every day

Constant activity is another key element for success. Post videos daily or at least once every two days. This way, your profile will be more easily found by new followers, at the same time that the people who follow you will be loyal.

  1. Fill in your complete profile

An attractively profile is also essential for followers – to do this, it is essential to fill in all available fields. The username and profile picture are, of course, the fields that required most attention. Place a good image, preferably of professional quality, and create an easy-to-remember username.

Also, connect your YouTube and Instagram accounts, which will cause the streaming of other platforms to helping you move your TikTok account. Also be sure to add a description so that community members can get to know you better.

  1. Interact with your followers

Paying attentions to followers is a great way to attracted more people and maintain a captive fan base. Interact with your audience by enjoying and responding to comments. Show that you are open to criticism and suggestions, which makes people feel like they are building their profile with you.

  1. Use good hashtags

It is important to uses hashtags in publications. As in other networks, it is the tags that will give visibility to your post, allowing it to be found by other users. But it is not enough to type anything after the “#” – you need to use good hashtags for your video to have a good reach.

TikTok itself indicates how many uses a given word has, which is a strong indicator of the popularities of a hashtag. However, if you used a term that everyone is also using, it is most likely that your content will sum up in the sea of videos with that keyword.

Hints to discover good hashtags is to uses your own tool for this, such as HashTest – Real-time Hashtag Testing. Although the tutorial is focused on Instagram, the extension works perfectly for TikTok.

  1. Take part in challenging

Another way to leverage your publications with the helping of hashtags is to participate in TikTok’s challenges.The social network has an entered tab dedicated to them, considerably increasing the chances of you appearing among the highlights.

  1. Take note of the popular profiles

Creating original content does not mean you cannot get inspired and learning from other users. A good source of inspiration is the “For you” tab, which brings together the clips that TikTok finds most interesting according to your profile.

These creations always have thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, and browsing through them can give you a hint of what works on the platform. The key here is to capture aspect ting that make the video successful – good lighting, hashtags, interaction with followers – and apply it to your own original production.

  1. Use popular music

TikTok has its roots in Musical.ly, and this vocation was not abandoned in the transition. The application has a huge catalog of songs, of the most varied musical styles.

When creating a video, tap “Add a sound” and selecting your favourite track. To facilitate the choice, the platform indicates what is “pumping” at the moment.

Another way to embed a song is by tapping the vinyl button on other users’ clips. So, if you like a tracking and want to put it on your creation too, just follow this step.

  1. Do duets with other users

Doing duets with other users is one way to increase your TikTok fan base. In addition to producing a fun result, followers of both profiles will see the content, and a good number of these peoples may end up following your account.

The most effectively is to collaborate with someone who has a similar amount of followers. As your number of fans grows, look for profiles with a larger audience.

  1. Improve video qualities

Any Smartphone camera is using to film the videos that will be posting to TikTok. However, a professional device makes all the difference for you to standing out and gets the followers you want.

Similarly, knowing how to operate a professional camera and apply post-production and editing effects are actions that will unsurely an even more interesting look to your footage.

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