Singapore Business Listing

Singapore business directory for easy citations and link building.

Here are the 20 best and better Singapore business directories to get listed on. These are mostly free channels to get links and traffic that new websites should definitely leverage on.

Singapore business directory
Singapore business directory

What is an online Singapore business directory?

An online business directory is a website that contains listings of businesses categorized into their respectively business activities. Most directories will provide details of a business such as a name, contact information, address and a link to the business website. Thinking of it like an online Yellow Pages for businesses.

Although directories do not hold as much authority as they did in the past(most directories today are just filled with junk links), there are still some benefits to getting listing on a Singapore business directory.

Most consumers preferring the uses of search engines to find a local business, but there are businesses who use directories to locate all businesses in a given industry. Traffic from directories is thus highly targeted.

Most Singapore business directory are human-editing, and there is a level of editorial discretion for submissions. Thus, these directories have higher authority and trust than your average web directory.

You can get some relevant Quality links from local directories related to your niche quite easily. Perfect for a new website is an early link building strategy.

What you need to know first.

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric developing by the people at Moz. Basically, higher(DA)score = higher authority and trust score are given to the domain on a whole.

Google Page Rank (PR) is also given. It is a score (out of ten) given by Google to websites to mainly judge the importance of a website based on the quality of links. It can be outdated, and it is not as highly regarded nowadays due to how easily it can be manipulated. *update* Google has stopped supporting public Page Rank data, so the figures are severely outdated. (I have removed the Page rank column)

Alexa Ranking is a score given by the web traffic company Alexa. It tries to rank websites on the internet based on traffic. The lower the number, the higher the traffic. Not very accurate, but useful as a gauge. *Update* When I updated the Alexa rankings of the directories, every single one of them fell in the rankings. It just shows how directories on a whole are losing traffics to other websites on the internet.

no follow is a value that can be assigned to the rel attribute of an HTML link to instruct some search engines that the link should not influence the link target is ranking in the search engine is index. Basically, if it says Yes below, it means the link will not be passed PR to your website. It is recommended to get a good mix of the following and no-follow links.

pa stands for per annum, pm stands for per month, and it stands for one-time. Personally, I would advise against paying directories because the ROI is seldom worth it.

Sr.No Singapore Business Listing SitesDomain Authority Page Authority Year
1 51392019-20
2 20342019-20
3 71602019-20
4 44452019-20
5 44452019-20
6 38502019-20
7 23402019-20
8 56442019-20
9 34482019-20
10 30402019-20
11 28372019-20
12 10222019-20
13 26362019-20
14 26472019-20
15 92752019-20
16 34482019-20
17 30482019-20
18 67462019-20
19 15352019-20
20 11282019-20
21 21352019-20
22 47522019-20
23 15302019-20
24 30352019-20
25 15502019-20