Short URL and its Effect on Maximizing Business SEO Ranking

There is a number of URL shortening services with generic domains such as and are also some branding services such as Tinycc. Some tools are also available by big players in technologies such as shortened and some micro blogging sites such as twurl/Tweetburner.

url shortener
url shortener

Their operation works as such: each inserted link in their tool is associated with a unique key and this unique key is similar to the alphanumeric code that appears at the end of the compressed URL. The latter then redirects the address to the original address which was inserted in the tool.

The benefits of such activities are many when it comes to digital marketing campaigns.

What advantage for SEO?

An URL shortened can have more advantages in the marketing perceptively but none when it comes to the advantages through SEO optimization.

  • The purpose of short URLs which are not optimized for SEO benefits is less since the advantages of the short links do not necessarily pass any credit to the landing page.
  • There is a question which is raised about the reliability of services that could be disruptive to community websites and social networks if the shortening were to fail. All dead links are preventing information sharing on networks.
  • From the user experiences point of view, this shortening of URL can be an advantage as it is easier to find and share shorter links. This is more than relevant to micro blogging websites such as Twitter where the messaging lengths can be reduced to 140 characters.
  • From the SEO perspective, there are no benefits of such links as these links generally redirect 301, 302 or JavaScript method to their destination pages.

Not all the URL Shorteners work the same way for SEO

When choosing an URL Shortener service you needed to choose one which will redirect the links from the short URL to the destination URL. This will ensure maximum Page Rank passing for your site. Also, you should choose services which will show metrics, reports and click statistics such as Tinycc.

Tinycc gives the option to users to bring their own short domain. A link can be usefully in find out how many clicks a link is getting, the geographical location of the click and where the click was referred from. The onboard data of the short URL does not need to replace Google Analytics as the data from Google Analytics can be easily integrated with Tinycc account to allow all the short link page views to be seen in the Google Analytics account.

  • Short links give the most detail description of the geographical location. It determines the brand accordingly and presence you can optimize the SEO.
  • Relevant outbound links help SEO regardless of no follow or follow the status. Short links can also minimize the risk of value transfer.
  • If you required affiliate links but do not want a messy looking URL. A shortening service is a very good solution.

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