SEO Trends to Maximize Rankings

A complex and significant algorithm, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constant shifted its base for webmasters who tweak for SEO. Here are some latest SEO trends for SEO which will maximize rankings and opportunities.

SEO Trends to Maximize Rankings
SEO Trends to Maximize Rankings

The boost SEO ranking is required to increasing the traffic to the websites and thus developing an SEO strategy is critical. We bring to you, some of the current SEO swings to help analyze and enhance SEO Trend levels.

Site and Page quality

It is more likely that more visitors will visit and follow a website, which already has a bunch of followers already. According to some recent analysis, Google’s algorithm considers the factor which will make websites rank at top of a search result is the number of visitors it receives. Amongst the other top factors are related to engagement. Google sends people to pages which are popular, to begin with.

Additionally, in-depth engaging content tends to rank higher. Pages that rank well in search results are more impressive and have the presence of interactive elements.

Time Spent

Factors such as the amount of time spent on a website, pages per session, and bounce rate are all contributing factors which will lead to a site ranking high or low in SEO Trend.

Smart and localized search

More searches are performed on phones and tablets, rather than desktops and laptop. Every day, 40 % of people use their smart phones to perform searches. And with Mobile phones becoming the primary search device, the search is increasingly getting tied to locations.

The number of searches which included ‘near me’ nearly doubled in the last year. Around 72 % of searches which included food and beverages were performed on mobile devices with searches like ‘restaurants around me’.

Traditional SEO

Almost 65% of the website which has high volume keywords are now ‘https secure’, and around 18 pc of pages that rank amongst the top for keywords on Google search don’t include the keywords anywhere in the text body. Thus, factors like keywords are not alone responsible for driving pages to rank high.

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