Simple SEO Tools Hacks to Improve Ranking

SEO today has become much more complicated and advanced than it was ever before. The major tools have also become complicated and they have features that can be daunting to uses and even impossible to know them fully, inside and out.

SEO Tools Hacks to Improve Ranking
SEO Tools Hacks to Improve Ranking

With that being said, as an SEO professional, you can be learning a lot of tools and tricks when it comes to SEO tools. You can use several SEO tools for analytics such as reporting, tactics and intelligence to take clients to new levels of organic search engine results. After working in the industries for several years a professional can find their way around such hacks and you can use to help you be a more effective internet marketing or SEO Tools professional.

Reverse Engineering Competitor Links

Reverse Engineering is an important tool hack to pull the pieces of information about competitor backlinks in order to see the most important of the backlinks. There are more tools available; there is Majestic and Ahrefs SEO. They are some other tools available such as SEMRush which can be used, but it does not provide overall information about backlink profiles.

After creat to the spreadsheet about the backlinks of the competitors, you can go through the links and find out which links are the most important out of these links. Once you have done this you can go ahead and tried to replicate the links. The process of replicating links is not simple, it can take a lot of thought and planning and you should try to replicate links which have a score of more than 15. Here are the three types of links you should try to replicate:

1.High-Quality Blog Comments:

Blog comments are not as bad as SEO professionals make it lookout to be. If your competitors are displayed in blog comments then you should be looking to be there too. The build rel=nofollow links help to make your link profiles more balanced and sound.

2.Directories and Resources:

There could be a listing of companies, different places to purchase products and more. Work with the webmaster to make your links presenting the same location as your competitors

3.Content Mentions:

If there are links inside the content of the articles, then you should try to provide editorial content by provided to the same types of link or trying to get mentioned in the same article.

If you keep repeating to the above-mentioned steps, then it will become inevitable that you can achieve enough good backlinks. This will help you get more traffics and sales.

Competitor’s Insights:

Another way to improve ranking is to finding phrases which your competitor ranks for in Google. You can do this by using SEMRush,or using Ahrefs as their database is high.

There are a couple of ways to use this data:

By check their backlinks and their on-page optimization, you can figures out how their content pages are ranking so high for main keywords phrases.

You can use this information which was collecting to find out which keyword phrases to target using which website pages. If they are a retailer and your competitor has a ton of “brand” pages ranking for “brand-related keyword phrases,” does not it make sense for you to do the same and link it on your navigational bar?

Competitor Content Research

If you guess on content topics to create content on, then you are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to content marketing. By using Ahrefs you can literally see which contents work for your competitors. You can see which content was the most sharing, what they ranked for and for what they receiving the most backlinks for.

By looking at this data, you can determine what you should be writing about. If you do your research and find out an article which has the least amount of backlinks, but the most amount of sharing and ranking of webpages for most keyword phrases then you have something to write about.

Using the data, you will come to know what topics to create contents on based how many times it was shared and the amount of traffic it was able to pull up along the how many referring domains it has. The more organic search traffic, the more social signals; having the least amounts of referring domains is better for creations because it is less competitive than popular topics.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is an easy hacking, but it has been over popular by many SEO professionals. Using, Ahrefs broken links analyzer you can see the broken links of your competitors. Once you having a list of broken backlinks, you want to try to get the same ones. Notified the webmaster of the broken links and suggests that it is replaced with one of your links – because, after all, you found the broken link.

Most likely you won’t be able to replace all of them, but you will be able to find some hidden gems in it. For less competitive spaces this works well.  It is a very great tactic for companies selling niche products without a lot of seo hacking tools in it.

Phrase Match Keyword Research

Doing keywords research can be a difficult hack, but can be the most fulfilling. What you needed to do is to find a webpage which you want to optimize and then thinks of the most important keyword phrase. Once I have the main keyword phrase, but that phrase into the SEMRush phrase and find out other keywords which you can optimize for in addition to the main phrase.

For example, peoples want to find how to “save the date” and you providing the services then you can optimized for the keyword. If you do not provide the same services, then you can provide optimization for related keywords such as photo cards.

Reclaiming Lost Links

This hack is definitely the hardest and the most time-consuming. You can check Ahrefs and find out the links you lost in the last 60 days. Once you have zero in on the links there is no fast rule and hard in how to reclaim the links because every case is different. However, the strategies are to find out how you lost the links and how to reclaim these links back.

Sometimes articles can be deleted because of the age of the link, the best way to reclaim the link is to write a similar article and submit it to fulfill the lost link place.  Generally, you will have a lower success rate doing this, but you work hard for those links. Trying to reclaim them is always worth a try.

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