SEO: Quality Content Is King But Links Are Gold

Content Is King for websites, blogs or e-commerce is important but will be more invaluable if it has internal links both in and out of the pages.

The strongest factors are that Google uses in determining whether a website will be ranked on the first pages is the content along with the links on the website and also on its intelligence systems RankBrain.

Content Is King
Content Is King

Along with content for search engine optimization boils downs to words which send a relevance factors to search engines, these two make up the first and second most important factors are that Google using to rank content for search results.

As an SEO Company in Mumbai, we understand that content required being great and should be customer-centric quality content which is the search engine optimization professionals has been talking about. Poorly written by content with overstuffing keywords, solely and duplicative SEO-centric content will not improve natural search performance.

Quality Content is usefully and desirable to your shoppers, depending on your specific area, the industry of product offerings, great content may describe products that needed to be used together to working effectively or a how-to piece that helps a shoppe figured out what to buy or how to use a product.

Great content is king should be contain certain keywords, some descriptive texts and certain pictures or video which can help the customer gain some perspective, but in order to convert the visitors into customer you required compelling content along with descriptive text about the product or service the e-commerce website is talking about, using keywords- the words people use when describing your product.

As an SEO Company in Navi Mumbai, Great content often links to and is linking out to the rest of the site as a valuable resource. When content lack links, no matter how great that content is king, it lacks the authority signals that Google requires to rank pages in search results.

Links from external websites are the most invaluable because they send the strongest signals to search engines that your contents are authoritative. However, external links take times and are harder to influence. Internal links from your own websites are much easier to achieve and manage over time. They are also important indicators of value to search engines because the pages that are linked to most frequently from other pages.

It is also seen that if you want something to rank, you needed to link to it from as many pages on the sites as makes sense from a shopper’s experience standpoint. And if you want great quality content to rank, or passes it values to the whole e-commerce webpage which contains it, it should be linked-to in ways that send are authority signals and adds values for your shoppers.

E-commerce instinct is to keep the e-commerce pages purely, and link to them from many resources, trends, tips or blog pages. That is a one-way linking arrangement that is meant to feeding authoritative value from the content through the links to the e-commerce pages.

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