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Top Free Search Engine Submission Sites List

 Welcome to the SEO take a look at in websites. All of the High DA directories on this listing meet the hunt engine pleasantly necessity. We inspired to all our visitors to fee High PR directories they post to. We offer free manually and auto submissions to the best-rated, unfastened net search engines like Google and directories. The search engines like Google and directories index under are all ranked in lines with recognition. Rankings are decided with the aid of and and are updated often. Our Best Collections of Top Free Search Engine Submission Sites List


Your Recent the Delivered Website will not appeared automatically in Google, you need to tell search engines about your website to get online visibility. Submit Your Sites in Top Free Search Engine Submission Sites List for Ranking and indexing in search engine ranking pages is called as Search Engine Submission. After submitting your Link in Google, Yahoo, Bing, webmaster, MSN etc in search engines, the crawlers will come to your link to knowledge, to know what your site and content is about, to the provide online visibility of your web pages. But this process is not fastest; crawlers will take time for indexing of the web pages.

Submit your Site in a Few Clicks

  • First of all, you need the Official E-mail Id to submit your site. Note the point Most of the Search Engine Submission sites will demand your email address.
  • Copy and Paste the URL of your Home Page, Keep in mind that you can submit only Home page link here.
  • Clear and Accurate the Captcha and Submit it.

Some search Engines have Guidelines and others in review the websites and have right if your websites will be listed or not. Here, we are providing the lists of all major search engine submission sites for you to submit your new website.

Benefits of Search Engine Submission Sites

The Web statistics organization, as recorded by Netcraft, states that the World Wide Web hosts over 625,000,000 active sites and increasing by the day. High page rank search engine submission sites like Google and Bing yahoo help you find answers to your queries in this huge mass of information called the internet. Listed below, are the advantages to consider to submitting your site information on search engine submission sites on the internet.

Time Savings

Save you time for Search engines in two fundamental ways:

Eliminating the sourcing of information using manual methods

Performing searches at super high speed and frequency

Without search engines, you would have to look through websites one after the other in other to find your desired content. This would be a very tedious, time-consuming task. Search engine sites are automatically find in your information with the process mention by earlier through billions of Web pages and serve you your results in less than a second. You can perform a ton of searches in a matter of minutes, even altering the query until you narrow down results you desire.


A search engine scores and ranks content according to its relevance to particular keywords inputted. For example, if you searched then “search engine” results would show definition and application, not any particular search engine sites. Many search engines keep their methods secret, yet it’s known that they take into consideration such factors as content duplication and replication of links from other sites. Search engines sort their page results based on its relevance to the query inputted, and then in descending order according to which perceived most appropriate. You see the most relevant results at the top of the page, and as you move downwards, web pages shown become less and less relevant.

Free Access

Although Some search engines charge a fee, most do not. Niche search engines such as Lexis that specialized in legally or other specific, scholarly and research information typically charge a fee to use their services. But high page rank search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are free. Their operations are paid for through advertising. These platforms allow searches without any restrictions for the query inputted at no charge at all. Because of this, they attract a large number of users which makes advertising very profitable for them.


The algorithms used by search engines allow them to scan the World Wide Web and submit relevant comprehensive data on every catalogued page. Because these search engine sites have access to so much data, they easily help you find unknown sites that have information relevant to your query. Many of these sites are not a popular and you might never be come across them without using search engines. Search results hardly ever have any information on your query; there’s more likely to give you too much information than too little.

Advanced Searches

You could also access advance search options on most search engines. These options help make your searches more flexible and advanced. For instance, you can exclude results that contain a certain word by typing a minus sign before the word. To look for a particular phrase, you should use quotation marks at the beginning and end.

When you want results from specific site, type “site:” without quotations followed by the Web address of the site. For example, you can search for mentions of burgers on Twitter by typing, “burger site:” To search all colleges and universities that offer Psychology, use, “Psychology site: .edu.“

You can use this advanced searches for many different research purposes.

Sr.No Search engine Submission ListDomain Authority Page Authority Year
2 50662019-20
3 46612019-20
4 46612019-20
7 26472019-20
9 23502019-20
14 50532019-20
17 60602019-20