PPC Interview Questions and Answers 2019

Paid Marketing is one of the crucial marketing strategies in Digital Marketing. To implement a Paid Marketing strategy in Google Ads, one must have an in-depth understanding to the theoretical and practical implementation using the interface. Pay Per Click (PPC) is the crucial marketing strategy to target audience looking for our product/service on the search network.

PPC Interview Questions
PPC Interview Questions
  1. What is PPC marketing?

AnswerPPC means Pay Per Click. It is a marketing strategy to drive traffic to our website via partner sites and search engines. Advertiser will only pay if he receives the visiting clicks on his ads.

  1. What is meant by Campaign Management?

AnswerCampaign management is the processing of creating and manage an advertising campaign for a company on Google Ads. In this, we have to divide the campaign based on Ad Groups and select relevant keywords for each ad groups. Manage the ad bidding and formatting for keywords etc. Campaign manager overall responsibilities are to manage the campaign and provide a Positive ROI

  1. What is the difference between direct marketing and branding?

AnswerIn a direct marketing campaign, the advertiser is interesting to target the the audience who are most relevant to the business. The major metrics to consider in these types is the conversion rate, which explains about ROI. Most common campaign types are Search Network Only, Dynamic Search Ads, Shopping Campaigns, etc.

In branding campaign, an advertiser needful the exposure of his branding on major sites and applications. Most of the popular methods are Display Ads, Remarketing, custom ads and YouTube Ads target.

  1. Which settings cannot be changed after the Ads account is created?

AnswerCurrency and Time Zone cannot be changed after account creation.

  1. What is Google Ads Double Serving policy?

AnswerIt means that an advertiser cannot advertise for the same keywords/websites from multiple accounts. The purpose of these policies is to avoid showing ads of the same companies or companies with common ownership. So the users can see the ads from a different provider. 

  1. What do understand by Quality Score?

AnswerQuality Score is a metrics which is calculated for each keyword between 1 to 10. The QS defines the qualities of a keyword compared with Ads and Landing Pages. This metric is using a calculate the AdRank, which is used to calculate the ad position.

  1. What is the impact of the Quality score on CPC and Ad Position?

AnswerQuality Score is directly proportional to Ad Position and inversely proportional to CPC. The meaning of higher QS means lower cost and higher position.

  1. What is the Actual CPC?

AnswerThe actual cost of clicks for an advertiser in an auction. The actual CPC is calculating in real-time and we cannot know the Actual CPC, but we can see Avg. CPC.

Actual CPC = (AdRank to Beat/QS)+$0.01

  1. What Kind of Quality Score can you achieve for keywords?

AnswerIn my past campaigns, I achieve the QS of 7 – 10. I can be improving the best quality score by using optimization techniques in the campaign.

  1. What are the Factors which affect Quality Score?

AnswerQuality Score depends on the following metrics

CTR of the Keyword

The relevance of Keywords and Ads

Landing Page Quality

Historic Account Data

  1. How can you Improve Conversion Rates?

AnswerBy creating ads which match a perfect with keywords and creating tightly themed ad groups so we can get targeted users to the best landing page. Also by improving the Landing Page quality, we can be improving the conversions.

  1. Is PPC Advertisement affecting the ranking of websites on search engines?

AnswerNever, Search Engine does not mix them. Google and other search engines rank both PPC and organic results separately.

  1. Can you tell me a limit of the character used for PPC Ads?

AnswerExpanding Text Ads its 30 Characters – Headline 1 and 30 Characters for Headline 2 and 80 Characters in Description.

Standard Ads has the limitations of maximum 25 for the headline and 70 for description 1 and 2 combined.

  1. What are Invalid Clicks and How Google determines the invalid clicks?

AnswerInvalid clicks are the unintentional, fake clicks and malicious software clicks. Google has an algorithm and sophisticate mechanism to automatically detect and filter the invalid clicks from the user account. Invalid clicks in Ads

  1. What are the PLA Ads?

AnswerPLA stands for product listing ads. This ad strategy is used to advertise products ads on Google search and partners. This campaign is also called a Shopping campaign mostly used by E-commerce websites.

  1. What is meant by Converted Clicks?

AnswerConverting click is a metric which tracks the total no of clicks which resulted in conversions. This metric is deprecated by Google.

  1. What is Remarketing Audience and how to generate this list?

AnswerThe remarketing audience is the users who visited our website. Using Google Remarketing tags on our website, we can add the users as our audience list.

  1. When will be CPV charged for an in-stream ad for a video of 60 secs length?

AnswerIf the user watches 30 secs of the video. CPV will be charged in the account.

  1. What is meant by Search Terms?

AnswerSearch Terms are the exact keywords for which your ads were triggered.

  1. What is meant by Price Extensions?

AnswerPrice extensions are a new formating of extension, to display the price of the relevant products.

  1. What is Affiliate Locations Extensions?

AnswerThis location extension is useful for brands to display the names of retail stores where the product is available offline

This Are Some Very Important PPC Interview Questions and Answers 2019.

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