Off-Page SEO tips to improve search engine ranking

Search engine optimization is the process to increase visibility on organic search results for certain search terms on a search engine such as Google.

Off-Page SEO tips
Off-Page SEO tips

If it is not carried out to properly then it can lead to very small traffic on your website. There are two types of SEO- on-page SEO is one where you enter the meta-descriptions,meta-tags, keywords which are to be targeted, title and structured HTML and off-page SEO which will be explained in the following topic.

Off-page SEO tips is the things which can be done outside the web page to improve the ranking of the website in search engine ranking. While most people assimilate on-page SEO techniques few of them consider the importance of off-page SEO techniques.

Social Media Sharing

When creating content on your blog or website, you want to attract customer to the website so that they can partake in the content. Even if the blog is very well written it will be unless useless it is shared on social media websites. People will stumble upon your contents on such websites and if they like it then they will share it with other people, their friends who will most likely visit your website. The websites which are popular for such sharing include Twitter and Facebook.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Tumbler, Scoopit, Digg and StumbleUpon are highly ranked by search engines. Posting a quality content on such website will not only increase the scope of the content but if the visitors are redirected from such websites on to your website it will be increasing the rank of your website on search engine results.

Forums and Q&A Sites

The visitors, who are spending to quality time on your website, are really interested in what you are promoting. And the best place to find peoples is online forums like Quora and Yahoo answers. You can be providing quality comments and answers on discussions revolving around your websites niche. People will then start seeing you as an expert on the topic and won’t hesitate to click on your website’s link, which you should provide in said answer and comments.

Guest Posting

This includes submitting important information and writing articles about your site on other credible sites on the same niche as yours. While this process can be a little tedious, it is a guaranteed way to improve the traffic to your website. By posting in your website link on such credible websites, people begin to trust your website as they are instantly considered credible.

Visual content submissions

Visually contents are far easily consumed than written content. By using content submission sites such as video posting websites such as Flickr and Youtube accompanied by the website link you generate awareness of your site and also traffic. Infographics, which are proving to be extremely effective in engaging internet users, can especially be leveraged to entice Audiences onto your site. Reports and  Presentations can also be submitted to websites such as Slideshare and Linkedin to generate traffic and hence improve SERPs rankings.

Local Listing

If applicable to your marketing approach, a local listing can be considered a great way to reach a targeted audience. Listing your website on local search engine sites and posting sites such as Google MyBusiness, JustDial, Yellow Pages can make it easier for people to reach you, for those who were unaware of your services this will also help.

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