Low Budget Digital Marketing Tips for Start-ups

Start-ups are risky and operate with low capital. It is important to properly spend every penny and get called yourself as Lean Startup. Planning marketing plan with small capital is challenging. After spending years in digital marketing , I have come up with tips and strategies that can help startups to achieve their marketing goals.

Following are some low budget marketing tips for startups.

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1.Associate yourself with big brands – As every startup has competitors unless and until you are a very revolutionary startup try associating yourself with bigger competitors than you. This can give you some brand recognition. Keep reading to know how you are going to do it.

2.Try using Pay Per Click marketing – Advertise on your competitors brand names and gain some recognition .Also you will get some cheap traffic through this strategy. Its rightly said “good artists copy, great artists steal.

Put in your add your company’s uniqueness. Is it cost? Features? Free trial?

1. Another option is using Facebook ads which are relatively cheap. Target your competitors pages where you will find potential customers. Also keep posting in relevant free Facebook groups where you will get huge traffic to your website.
2. Another free way to do marketing is LinkedIn.Try growing your LinkedIn network. Many few startups understand the power of LinkedIn marketing. Joining different groups you can create content and promote your brand.

3. Every start-up dreams of getting free organic traffic. But practically it is very difficult to accomplish. For ranking you should focus on long tail keywords instead of short keywords. Look to long tail keywords your potential customer is searching for and use those keywords in your website headings and sub-headings.

4. After google Youtube is the most widely search engine. If you create video content and link back to your site, this will help you get relevant traffic to your website. No need to create funky professional videos , you can create simple videos that explains your business properly.

5. Creating Podcasts is also another good way to promote your brand. This method is very and inexpensive . Create a series where you discuss about your customers face and about the industry news.Good going!

6. Become a speaker. Search which industry events your clients are and as to speak at these events. Do even if you are not paid to do so. The exposure is will give you some insights.

7. Ever got interviewed? Reach to relevant blogs and podcasts which talk about your target market and get interviewed. It’s a very good way to generate leads You can also offer discounts while speaking and talk about your vision .

8. Get back to your existing clients. Offer them discounts or additional features – whatever you think of it they bring in paying customers. Get going with some testimonials. It’s hard to get paying clients who love your product or services, the are busy. You should learn the ability to persuade them do it.

9. Get noticed in media. While it’s expensive having logos from on valuable networks helps build trust with your site visitors. You can then add these to your other marketing and advertising platforms and get the attention required.

10. Have you subscribed to HARO? Help a Report Out is a free platform where reports ask the public to help them with data on a specific topic. If there is a topic that fits what you do you can reach out to the reporter. If they use your quote your start-up could be referenced in the publication.

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