Sr.No Q&A websites listDomain Authority Page Authority Year
11https://www.ask.com/ 90752019-20
16www.justanswer.com 82622019-20
19https://www.letsdiskuss.com/ 27402019-20

 What are Question and Answer Sites?

 If you have inquiry on a certain topics, you tend to look over the list of categories your query could belong. As for a business or website builders, you will tried to look over the topic niche that is relevant to your lines of expert. In Q & A Sites, when your answer gives the mostly convincing and appropriate details, you will be chosen the best answer. Plus, if you very helpful to the web customer, then you can get to link in your website to them. Other sites are able to help you can create your own subcategories where people can try to ask. Nose this strategic site can pull up more traffic than just fishing for topic niches where you can butt in.

Question-answer- Sites
Question-answer- Sites

Question and Answer sites simply entertain the public with their specific questions that seek experts the necessary field they are look for. Most of the sites even rate those experts that continue to patronized give their answers with the most praise. In this case, you will be recognized as the highly recommended master in the categories. Then if this happen, never forget to give them an best idea of your website by sending a link to them. This could give you backlinks in return seeing that you have the most reliable sources.

Some of the online business expert says that these sites can be No Follow. But even in No Follow sites and forums that entertain this systems, still, the traffic flows back to you. You only need to continuously to maintaining authority in the pool of experts. You may check on search engines for a Question and Answer sites list that is very conducive to building up your site. They can either be a No Follow or No Follow Question and Answer site. Also, check out List of Search Engine Submission Sites.

Benefits of  Q&A(Question and Answer Sites) Submission in SEO

The research has been taken to see which strategy has gone far to the rank. High PR Question and Answer sites were predicted to fail but somehow along the way, most of the crowd has even consider this type. Just as call center of agencies have great helped for the “how to’s” of certain processes, they still do the same greater benefit to web crawlers. Here are most of the benefits we can experience in engaging to Q and A sites.

Q and A got to Rank High in Search Engines

Question and Answer sites do make a good ranking in search engines as keywords that most people type can lead more to consumers that participate on these sites. A better community of visitors does prefer this Q & A sites to get specific answers thus creating more keywords that related to one thing. People love to share their knowledge with the public make in it more updated and keywords-rich.

Searching for questions rather than keywords

Most people who key in their search queries do specify to be a question itself rather than keywords. These sites are dominant on-page optimized which prefer search engines to make it top of the search results. If you can see the patterned, put the keyword-system too in your answers can point search engines to your insights even more.

Backlinks Diversified

It is the more natural to people when they can see your backlinks profiles linked to various sites. Link it to blogs, forums, social networking sites and more building the authority you need to gather more visitors. The Q and A system have made linking more versatile a dragging the people’s interests to your answers.

Reputable Impression to Customers

Since the Q &A system has made a personal impact in your quires to the solution-giver, trust is gained in better heights. Other sites can rate you as their “favourite” in order to consultant once again on the same topics. If the credibility is built, the site may rank you on a pedestal that makes people consider your work more credible than the rest.

Obtain the Targeted Traffic

The exits the traffic in most of High Page Rank Question and Answer sites are better off starting for your site-building career. If you do, you can drive more visitors and obtain the relevant traffic gathered before in those high ranking sites. Answer their in queries and place your links in each answer to get traffic.