Free Infographic- Submission Sites List

 What are Infographic submission sites?

This is a variety of options and matters to take into account while submitting to info-graphic directories/blogs. Loose info-graphic sites include unfastening listing. Free internet site High PR directory listings with strict list standards. All of the directories are manually checked before we add them to our database to maintain net integrity. We adhere to industry search engine standards. Use of the free infographic submission web sites listing is improving day by day and each; net advertising is using it for content advertising that’s the genuinely superior way for online advertising.


Advantages of Infographic Submission sites –

  • Quality Back Links– You can Get Quality Backlinks and more traffic by submitting in the Infographic links in Top Submission sites
  • Increase your Reaches – Due to Popularity of Infographic Submission sites, a number of people will act to your Submission. Thus, you will get Quality traffic.

How to submit links?

  1. Firstly, you need to search for the best Infographic Submission sites.
  2. Secondly, Register an account and log in.
  3. Thirdly, Click on Submit a new infographic button and fill all the required details there.
  4. Clear the Captcha and click on the Submit button.

We provide Top 50 Free Infographic Submission Sites List, all latest and handpicked Infographic Submission Sites here. Open the Sites and start Submissions.

Instead of a reading Text Peoples like to gain information in a comprehensible way. Attractive Images that are conveying your message allures more people than complicated and long content. Infographic submission sites are used to submit the links, to share information to get backlinks, which contains information in the form of a picture of any particular topic.

Share your Infographic

To share the infographics post, creating them with vector graphics software or tools. These allow you to saved in file formats. Therefore, they have the ability to shared through differents distribution channels. These include blogs, websites, social networks, email, presentations using a projectors, printing in different sizes, showing onboard displays etc.

On your blog or website, where the infographics are published, add sharing features. For example, “Tweet”, “Pin it”, “Share”, or “Send via email” buttons. These allow readers to distribute your infographics on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Email.

Sr.No. Infographics Submission SiteDomain Authority Page Authority Year
5 50512019-20
7 47482019-20
13 30462019-20
17 24462019-20
19 32462019-20

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