How to Starting Online Freelancing Career?

The evolution of the internet has made the Internet world an everlasting mine of opportunities. Since the significance portion of the people pursues an authentic job, the competition is very high. To avoid living a regular employee life, many smart people have differentiate their livelihood to become an online freelancer.

Starting Online Freelancing Career
Starting Online Freelancing Career

Building a career as an online freelancer takes an extraordinary level of courage and self-belief. In a positive notes, freelancing enables freedom, convenient working hours , relaxation, and a lucrative earning. Unlike a regular job, freelancing will helping you explore different industries and clients.

Why choose to freelance?

The lack of freedom and depressing work pressure in regular jobs provoke individuals to go with freelancing. You can master one freelancing skill and earn straight cash working online from your home. The in-demand freelancing skills include digital marketing, freelance writing, freelance blogging, freelance designing, countless technologies and freelance photography.

  • Across the globe there are more than 30 Million long term freelancers.
  • As per a survey more than 32.5% of freelancers earn above $77,000 per year.
  • Working from home improves performance by 14%.
    Freedom of choosing your own clients and projects as per your expertise
  • Most of freelancers are able to maintain work-life balance while working at home.

Most Popular Freelancing Services
Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is one of the most popular freelance services across the globe. Many companies prefer to outsource digital marketing projects as it help in reducing price and limit the companies expenses. In digital marketing projects are available in every segment like,PPC,SEO, Display Ads, Social Media, Analytics, Research etc.

To started freelance work in Digital marketing you have to master many skills like SEO, SMM, PPC etc. Along with skills you must be highly creative and attentive to details.

On average Digital marketers can make between $21 to $100 per hour depending on the project/client. Fixing cost projects are also providing based on project.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing has exclusive demand all over the world. Clients are looking for highly skilled freelance writers at the internationally stages in multiple languages. Every day millions of articles,blogs ,web content are getting published on so many websites.Product reviews are on the trending as the internet is the platform of buying and selling in today’s world.

If you can produce appealing contents with a touch of professionalism, you will surely earn a high income with prestige. There are plenty of domains in freelance writing, such as technical writing, research/academic paper writing, news writing, health writing, business writing , review writing, etc. E-marketing has taken over the entire world, so sellers need an engaging piece of content to promote their services and goods.If you have the passion and skill-sets to become a freelance writer, then you can earnning a healthy sum of money.

On average content writer are paid per word basis. The costely depends on type of topic, style and other factors. On average you use can earn $10 – $100 per one article.

Freelance blogging

Contrary to freelance writing, the earning process in freelance blogging takes some time to begin. You can open your blog posting site on WordPress or similar types of platforms and uploading new blogs regular. Another way you can post as a guest on somebody else’s website, which has a better reach. If your blog gets the attention and gives mileage to the site, the owner can pay you some percentages of his earning.

Having your own sites is more recommended because you write the blog and get the full profit. But in order to get the maximum profit, you have to keep updating quality blogs on the site until it gets a noticeable reach. In some cases other companies pay you for publishing their blogs on your website as Guest Blog.

Freelance Web Design & Graphic Design

Freelance designers have considerable scope to succeed in the online market. Website designing, graphic designing, logo designing , social media graphics etc. are highly demanding services. To start your journey in this field you must be creative and attentive to detail.

Technically you have to master softwares like CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator, etc. Most of the projects are fixed price basis with some exceptions for hourly rate projects.

Freelance photography:

Photography is a passion for many of us. You can obtained some eye-catching figures if you have the expertise in capturing alluring photographs. You can be a freelance photographer and fulfil the requirements of countless clients who are looked for such services.

To get started, you must have in-depth knowledge about photography to create high quality photos. Freelance photographers can also sell Stock Photos to various platforms and make per download basis.

How to get started?

The initially stage of the freelancing career is a critical period. Sometimes fortune does not favor the freelancer, and he experiences continuous failures. Being a freelancer means being committed and have a profound faith in your ability. In the beginning, you have to make yourself a master in one particular skill or multiple skills. Once you accumulate the extensive skill-sets, you need to advertises them on various online platforms.

If you are that excellent client will come to you, and if you are average, you have to discover clients. Platforms like, UpWork, Fiverr, or even Facebook Groups and LinkedIn are domains where millions of clients are searching for proficient freelancers.

How to develop a good relationship with clients?

Professionalism is one crucial attribute to succeed as a freelancer. The client will demand professional service of the highest standard. For long term relationship, you should behave in a respectful manner and try to please the clients with your service. Keep regular interaction with clients and provide necessary updates of the work. Be a learner, and ask them to enlighten you the guidelines of the operation correctly.


Freelancing is much more than just having the skill-sets. It involves high risk and takes unimaginable bravery to put the career on the line. Not all have succeeded in this field, but those who have beaten the odds are living a life of their own selection. Freelancing offers Independence, entertaining working procedures, and wholesome earning sources to those who demonstrate resilience and never say die attitude.

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