How Guest Posting on Blogs can boost your SEO Strategy

Guest Posting is a useful tool and effective in SEO if utilized effectively. After the end of high PR article directory sites and other changes in the search ranking algorithms that made numerous different method for getting backlinks out of date, guest posting on websites stays as one of the ideal ways to generating backlinks and making your website visible to the world.

Guest Posting on Blogs
  Guest Posting on Blogs

If you needed to get organic traffic and email subscribers from guest posting, you need to do it right.

The use of guest posting is bi-focal, it not only gets your content in front of a new audience who can view your work, but it also gives you a few back links to your site. And on the off chance that you post your content on a popular blog, you can get significant organic traffic to your site and in the ideal case, when your products are of interest to the visitors from the other blog, you can make sales.

How to search for a guest posting blog website which is accepting the post and how to go about it

The first thing you will need to do is discover good high-quality guest post opportunities. When searching for blogs to guest post, your focus should be on finding blogs which are related to your industry or specialty.

After you have to shortlist some guest posting sites which you would get a kick in posting on, you can go ahead and start the steps of writing effective content. Usually, blogs which allowed to guest posting have certain guidelines which needed to be follow, so check the guidelines and ensure you check them before you submitting the post. When you write a blog post for a guest posting website, make surely you enter the number of backlinks you would like to gain from this in your byline, or even better in the post itself.

When the posts are ready, do not go ahead and submit it right away regardless of the possibility that their guidelines say as much. Many blogs which say that they acknowledge guest posts do not answer at all, so when you submit the article with them, it is practically blocked from submitting elsewhere, this is basically because the blog thinks that if you submit the same post to two to three more sites, this will make bloggers furious of duplicate content. This is the reason it is ideal that your first pitch and only if you find an answer that the blogger is interested in your post, submit the article then.

After submissions of article wait for some days before it gets distributed in light of the fact that bloggers not generally email you when the article is live and on the off chance that you do not check regularly, you might miss it.

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