Best Lead Generation Tools 2020

One of the most difficultly tasks in running a website is lead generation. Do not matter how easy you want it to get, there is no way to get around it or avoid it. There are many businesses and companies online competing for visitors’ attention to push up sales. As one of them, you are left with three options:

  • Drive sufficient organic traffic into your site
  • Entices more users with exciting offers
  • Optimized your lead generation
Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

If you go for the first two options, you will achieve what you needed in the time since it will take you forever. Plus, many companies are focused on them, making it hard for you to penetrate. That leave you with the third options as a better one. In this article, we are going to look at the various tools to helping you with your lead generation. These tools will help you to increase your website’s conversion rates while reducing friction while you do it. We will cover both paid and free tools so you can choose the great tools that suit your lead generation budgets.


If you are just beginning, Hub Spot Marketing is a perfect choice for you since it starting free and offers lots of options for lead generation. With this lead generation tool, you can easily capture, store and nurture leads. You can achieve this using forms, popup forms,chatbot and live chat. The beauty of using HubSpot for lead generation is that it can easily integrated with your CRM, customer’s data platform, and its freely available CRM.

Hubspot WordPress All-in-One Marketing Plugin-

This tool generation tool also allows you to building an inbound marketing flywheel from the ground up. You can easily generate engaging content that lures in visitors, use its numerous in-built tools, and finally use kickback emails to nurture those leads. Your sales team will eventually have full visibility, and you will also make your customers happy with the free ticketing features. This is a fully-fledged lead generation tool that will not disappoint you.

  1. INTERCOM        

With its many components and use cases, Intercom also makes a great effective lead generation tool. You will benefit from its on-site messaging and chat feature that allows you to engages with on-site visitors and get their data. The system also allows you to analyze their in-app or on-site behavior,and you can easily create message triggers for retention, on boarding, or support. If you ever get lost while using this tool, you do not need to worry since they have a knowledge base and integrated help desk to assist their current users. It is an all-in-one lead generation tool due to its marketing, sales, and support features. You can also using this software if you are running a WordPress support website.

  1. PROOF

Proof Lead Generation

Based in Austin, Texas Proof is a SaaS capable of revving up the conversion rate of your website using social proof, A/B testing, and personalization. They are known to pushes up leads by providing users with information about a company that will make visitors interested in finding more about you. The tool can also help you implement social proof messaging on your website.


If you are interested in email outreach to generate leads, then this is the best tool for you. It is equipped with sufficient features to help you personalized, automates, and optimized your cold emails. The Mailshake tool offers many benefits, including:

  • Public relations
  • Content promotion
  • Sales development
  • Link building
  • Fundraising
  • And also generates leads.

One more thing you will love about this lead generation tool is its numerous ready-made templates. You won’t need to be a world-class copywriter to getting responses when you are using this tool.


Qualaroo was purposely developed as an on-site polling tool used to collected user feedback. This is to help companies improve any part of their product and marketing experience. However, you can also use it to generate leads. Use this tool to do all these things to get the most of it. By doing this, you can used a popup form as a feedback option for lead generation, and that is what we call killing two birds with a single stone. When you are not using this tool for lead generation, you can use it to collects user experience for conversion optimization.


What you are going to like about this tool is that it also doubles up as a customer experiences analytics platform. Besides using it in your lead generation, you can also use it to optimized conversion due to its numerous in-built tools. Some of the features that you will find in this awesome tool include:

  • Form analytics
  • Session replays
  • Heat maps
  • On-site polls

You can use their on-site polls as conversion points. You can collect email addresses while you are also collecting feedback from your customers, which is a win-win for you.


Many companies are, and marketers are putting a lot of emphasis on videos nowadays as a way to reaches out and converted their prospects. They are not about to stop using this marketing technique anytime soon. Therefore, you should also take advantage of videos in your lead generation when you are building your brand. With Turnstile, you can gate videos after a certain period has elapsed. This way, you will entice your visitors by making them enter their email to continue watching.


Another effectively way to generate leads is by using forms. But to make them work for you, you need to make them fun and exciting. You can also include surveys and quizzes. Survey anyplace is a fully-fledged survey building solution to help you achieve this. The tool not only helps you to create customer-centric polls but also helps you to generate leads by building quizzes.

What you will be love about this tool is the way it easily integrating with your existing marketing stack. This makes it easier for you to transports leads through to your CRM or email marketing tool. This way, you can also build and nurture campaigns. The answers you received can also be used to personalize the follow-up.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an awesome tool when it comes to lead generation. This tool offers advanced lead searches and recommendations. Since social selling is trending nowadays, this tool allows you to engage with your prospect at a higher level and get to know their opinion. You will also get alerts concerning your leads, giving you helpful insights such as job changes, updating promotions, and so much more. You won’t regret it if you opt for this lead generation tool.


LeadBoxer is a sales enablement solution that also helps to generate leads. It allows you to identify qualified leads and prospects while also providing information about your sales and marketing workflow. Using its advanced filtering and segmenting feature, you can easily find helpful information concerning your leads and prospects. Both prospects and loyal customers are managed by routing your qualified leads and ensuring that at any given time, they will be talking to the right people to help you achieve your goals.


JotForm lead generation tool, If you want a tool that allows you to all manner of broken down easy to use data, then JotForm the perfect pick for you. You will make the right decision once you have the right information from the high-quality form completion it provides. The best tools to looking for when you want to get quality leads are those that provide numerous kinds of data so that you getting to know your prospects before engaging with them and this are one of them.


The Acquire lead generation tool provides advanced services allowing you to capture real-time leads and engages with your website visitors. Their real-time customer engagement tools including chatbot,live chat, and co-browsing that help to reach out to prospects and find out what their problems are. By offering fasted and personalized solutions, you will boost your conversion sales and rate since the resolution time is reduced.


Cience Lead Generation For those marketers looking for vital bespoke and broken down data about their target audience and leads, CIENCE will give you that and so much more. This tool has all the right features to sources any data field that provides 100% accuracy in what your prospective clients expect from you. With their on-demand prospected teams, they make it easier for all the multi-channel campaigns that you have putting in your marketing strategy. Let’s just say that this is a one-stop-shop if you want to get quality leads to boosting your website conversion rate.


With an integrated B2B database with 30+ million verified B2B leads, it is safe to say that Autoklose is one of the most effective sales engagement platforms. The tool allows you to automatically generated new sales prospects by scheduling an email campaign and configuring a customer profile. It has a reduced on boarding time thanks to its simple and easy-to-use interface. You will not only keep your sales team focused, but also make them happy.


Nothing valuable comes too easy in the internet world or this life; for that matter, you need to put up a lot of effected into achieving your goals. When it comes to lead generation, having the right tool will help you meet your set goals with ease. We hope you liked this article, and you are willing to tried out these best lead generation tools.

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