Basic Email Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Email is evolving but it is absolutely not dead. It’s considering as a more preferred way of marketing and personal communications. Most Internet marketers opt to deliver their relevant content and increased conversions through email marketing.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

As a content manager, how are you going to optimized your email marketing to increase conversions or traffic? Here are top strategies that can provide significant revenue generation.

Enticing Subject Line

It should be a lot like a headline of your blog post. But the headline must be enticing or it should induce curiosities. When done right, your recipient won’t have a choice but to open it. However, it takes practice to perfect it.

To entice your reader, you should keep it short, so it won’t be cut off. Before sending your email, you should split-test severally headlines first to see which ones developed incredible results.

Providing Value

Do not pitch too soon or too hard as you will only scare away your potential customers. You must first earn your readers’ trusted by giving them content with value every single email you send. They will start trusting you when they know you are not just trying to make money from them. Make it an email campaign that when your subscribers get them, they will receive something that’ll improve their lives.

Making every email personal

It is like making a new friend. Start by sharing personal stories. Then, use the words “you” and “I” so your email won’t sound like a corporation tone. You may pretend writing an email to a friend. Don’t rush as you will freak your readers out. Bear in mind that relationships do not develop overnight. So, take one step at a time, when sharing stories.

Optimizing Email for Mobile

If your email marketing is not optimized for mobile, you might experience a stiff penalty. From the start of your email marketing campaign, make sure that you offer your readers an elegant mobile experience. If they are not, your recipients will immediately delete them.

Keeping it Short

Don’t write lengthy emails. You may write more than 1,000 words but make sure that what you are trying to say offers value to your readers. In this way, they’re going to read each email that you send them, no matter how lengthy it is. However, if they don’t get anything out of that lengthy message, they will never open and read your email again.


These basic email marketing strategies can effectively form a stable foundation for your content marketing. Delivering exclusively content to targeted audiences is a sound investment of your branding to finally reach your audience.

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